Shaking Hands Under the Marula Tree – A Limene Nelumbu Farm to Girl Scholarship Fund

Your support for Farm to Girl’s mission to help women around the world is a huge part of why we started our company and why we love what we do. Farm to Girl gives back 20% of our profits to support women’s health & education—our 20% Promise.

In April 2015, we travelled to the Limene Nelumbu Marula Cooperative in Namibia, Africa to solicit advice on how Farm to Girl’s 20% Promise Program could best help their communities. The ladies gave Dr. Kim Warren-Rhodes an inspiring welcome for Farm to Girl’s support of fair trade and on-going purchase of their coop’s marula nuts and oil. [Watch Kim’s Welcome Here!] .

The women of the cooperative live in a tiny, rural village in northern Namibia. The village is surrounded by fields of maize and orchards of marula trees. Every year, just as their mothers and grandmothers before them, these women harvest marula (like a peach with a fruit stone inside) and hand-pick the kernels for pressing into marula oil.

It is these wonderful ladies—like Yohana Telemon, Tepaulina Elostes, Monika Skongo and many others— whom YOU DIRECTLY SUPPORT with your Farm to Girl purchases and our 20% Promise program.

During our visit, we met with the Women’s Elder Council, who voted to start a Farm to Girl scholarship to help young women attend university. They are now soliciting formal applications to award the scholarship to its first recipients.

Planning Farm to Girl’s 20% Promise Educational Scholarship Fund with the Elder

Women’s Council. Photo Credit: Kevin Rhodes

We hope you are as excited as us about Farm to Girl’s mission. Just know that every time YOU purchase a lotion, lip balm or Farm to Girl product , YOU empower women to achieve their dreams of an education!

From all of us at Farm to Girl, THANK YOU BIG for Helping Women Help Themselves!

For more details on Kim’s trip, see the longer blog post here.

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