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Farm to Girl’s luxurious lotions are handcrafted in small batches the old-fashioned way, with the purest organic and natural ingredients. We source traditional oils from small villages around the world – they’re one-of-a-kind, healthy and ultra-healing.

Take Farm to Girl’s certified organic coconut oil, the foundation for our fresh Koko-lotions and Organic Baby Bliss. Our fairly traded oil is cold-pressed by hand — which retains its natural vitamins and antioxidants — from freshly picked organic coconuts. Read more of the story below on why we love coconut oil and how our oil is created in Solomon Islands…

What’s So Great about Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is high in anti-oxidants and vitamins, supplying deep nutrition for your skin. Coconut oil is a tremendous body and skin moisturizer, and its emollient properties quench parched, dry skin and help protect it from free-radical damage and premature aging.

Pacific Islanders rub coconut oil on daily to hydrate their sun-exposed skin and mothers trust coconut oil as a safe and gentle baby oil, which is why we source it for our Organic Baby Bliss.

Farm to Girl’s lotions with coconut oil are a pure and simple way to nourish and maintain healthy skin and treat your body right every day.

What’s Wrong with Most Coconut Oil in Body & Babycare?

Coconuts are big business. Much of the world’s coconut oil comes from factories in Asia, where coconuts are grown on large plantations with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. By the time these coconuts reach a factory, they are no longer fresh and must be bleached, heated, and deodorized with harsh chemicals, resulting in cheap, poor-quality oil that makes its way into most skin care.

How Does Farm to Girl Do it Differently?

Hand-Crafted, Fairly Traded Organic Coconut Oil

Farm to Girl sources premium organic coconut oil in a socially and environmentally sustainable way, with no pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic chemicals. Small villages produce ultra-high quality oil with an ecologically-friendly artisanal process that brings developing communities a higher value and conserves their forests and coral reefs. Hand-pressed coconut oil provides alternative livelihoods and empowers the entire island community.


Farm to Girl sources fairly traded organic coconut oil from small villages like this one in Solomon Islands.

gardenWe love the tropical gardens and flowers in these villages! Even more special is the community learning center which teaches local villagers, including the schoolgirl shown here, how organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is made. Photo Credit: K Warren-Rhodes


Step 1: Picking the Right Coconut, Cracking the Nut & Grating!

Local villagers hand-select the best organic coconuts from around the island. These perfect nuts are brought to the coconut hut for grating. Once cracked the beautiful white coconut is grated into coconut shreds.

A sign showing the villagers that only the right coconut will do. A coconut after grating. Photo credit: K Warren-Rhodes
Step 2: Removing the Water & Cold-Pressing Virgin Oil

As you can see in the picture below, after the coconut is grated, women move the shredded coconut gently and quickly across a flash-dry stove to remove excess water. Next, the grated coconut is brought to the mechanical press and cold-pressed by hand into virgin organic coconut oil (see picture below on right). So there, in a nutshell , is how Farm to Girl’s certified organic coconut oil is hand-pressed FRESH in under 5 minutes! Simple, pure and beautiful.

The beautiful grated coconut is hand-pressed by local villagers.
Re-using the coconut shells for fuel prevents deforestation and runoff onto fragile coral reefs. Photo credit: K Warren-Rhodes
Nothing goes to waste! The coconut shells are saved for fuel, saving local trees— this prevents erosion and helps protect the islands’ treasured coral reefs.

Good for You, Good for the Women Who Make It & Good for the Planet!

Solomon Island girls give the thumbs up to Farm to Girl! Photo credit: K Warren-Rhodes

Farm to Girl & You Provide Markets for Fairly Traded Coconut Oil

By buying hand-made coconut oil at fair trade prices throughout the Pacific, Farm to Girl’s mission and YOUR purchases help support small-scale growers and sustainable village cooperatives to ensure demand for their premium, artisinal oils!

Farm to Girl also gives back 20% of our profits to women in these villages for health and education (see our 20% promise)! So, with every Organic Kokolotion or Baby Bliss Lotion you buy, you are Helping Women Help Themselves!

Traditional dance at Women’s Week celebrations. Photo credit: K. Warren-Rhodes
From all of us here at Farm to Girl — and our farmers and co-ops in the US and villages around the world — THANK YOU for your support!


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