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We are so happy to welcome you to Farm to Girl! We are a social and green business with a mission to bring you the Freshest skin care on the planet. We handcraft our body and baby care with healthy and Fairly traded ingredients made in villages and by women with traditional processes Free of synthetic chemicals—Fresh, Fair and Free.

At Farm to Girl, we are a community of scientists and nurses with experience in places like Solomon Islands, Micronesia, and Namibia, where many women and families still live on <$1 a day. Farm to Girl is dedicated to helping women and communities in developing villages where we work by buying traditional oils and hand-crafted natural ingredients—Women Helping Women.

But we want to do much more than that. At Farm to Girl we are dedicated to making positive social change in the world, so we give back 20% of our profits to help fund rural women’s health clinics and education. Join us to empower and uplift women across the globe!


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